Let’s hear the THUNDER!

First off, I want to say this: I hate self-promotion. I take after my father, a brilliant if unassuming vision scientist who always said his work spoke for itself. I don’t have a Ph.D. like him-sadly-but I do want to live in a world where my work speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, I’m not there quite yet. Why? Because most of the world has no idea I exist–that my books exist. Hence the need for self-promotion. And that is why I’ve set up a Thunderclap campaign. A campaign I hope you’ll support because, really, it’s only through you, my lovely readers, that people will discover my work.

If this isn’t your thing, I get it. I really do. If you don’t mind clicking a couple of buttons and letting me share my newest novel with your friends, I’d be grateful. Whichever you choose, thanks for reading!

Here’s that link again, in case you REALLY want to click on it.



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