Daring Draftsman: A Hero Club Novel (The Wright Family Book 3)

He was never supposed to be mine…
Nico Wright hates me because of my sister’s actions. I hate him because of how he makes me feel. I’m all twisted up with attraction, longing, and a large dose of shame.
When I find out he’s the architect I need to help me get the old theater turned into a proper dance studio, I have no choice but to use his designs to bring my vision to reality. As I spend with Nico, I realize he’s the only one who understands how much I ache over losing my prima ballerina position at the Boston Ballet.
He, too, had his dreams shattered by people who claimed to love him. Just like me.
I’m learning the real Nico. He cares too much. Unfortunately, I can’t let him fall for me, the younger sister of his ex-fiancée who already cost him his job and his reputation.

In this book:
  • Aidy — Magnetic Medic
  • Ryder — Magnetic Medic
  • Knox — Arrogant Architect
  • Emmaline — Arrogant Architect
With these characters:
  • Magnetic Medic
  • Arrogant Architect

5-Star Review

This one is kind of a twist on enemies to lovers, and Nico and Cassia seem to have fate fighting against them. To begin with anyway. Nico spots Cassia out one night at the bar and he’s immediately attracted to her. Until his conversation with Cassia reveals that she’s the sister of his ex-fiancée, the one who really did Nico wrong.

Which is fine, I suppose, since they never have to see each other again. Except Nico’s sister has agreed that their firm will do the renovations for Cassia’s dance studio. Poor Nico has been through a lot, taking over the family company from their father, trying to be there and provide for his siblings, and let’s not forget the whole ex-fiancée fiasco.

Things haven’t been easy-breezy for Cassia either. Her professional career as a ballerina is over thanks to an injury that may keep her from ever dancing again. And she has a spoiled, entitled, nut bar of a sister to deal with, as well as trying to get her dance studio up and running.

Take strong family dynamics, suspense like only Padgett can pen, and characters you’ll love (or hate, as the case may be) and you get this phenomenal, compelling story of forgiveness, healing, and happy ever after. This one grabbed my attention and I sped my way through it, feeling every devastating low and euphoric high on this road to forever. A terrific addition to the series, you won’t want to miss this amazing, heartfelt romance!

—BookAddict, Goodreads


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