The Magician’s Ruins (The Echo Series Book 2)

She’s the hope of the world… or its destruction.

The portals to the underworld are unguarded, and demons roam free in the Southwest. To return the world to balance Echo Maria Ruiz must survive enough trials to meet with the Magician in his ruined city and learn the secrets he holds. Secrets like the location of her best friend.

Alone and unprepared, Echo must trust Honani, her spirit guardian, and Zeke, the handsome, mysterious warrior who battles demons and monsters at her side. In her darkest moments in the Magician’s ruins, Echo discovers betrayal lurks, and her warrior may not be her hero after all.

Praise for The Magician’s Ruins: “Wow this series keeps getting better. I couldn’t stop reading.” ~ Goodreads Review

5-Star Review

Echo is zooming down the street on the back of Zeke’s motorcycle and fighting demons and monsters on every corner and every stop. Echo’s best friend Layla is missing and she must find her before it is too late. The reason for her teaming up with this hot dude Zeke whose bike she is riding on at the moment. With no one else left in this world to lean on with her mother being gone Echo must now rely on her spirit friend Honani and Zeke to help her find Layla.

But before she can learn the location of her friend Echo must find this magician. But there are a lot of demons and monsters that keep getting in her way. Echo will also have to past a few trials before she can learn the information that she is seeking. Can Echo and Zeke find the magician in time to save Layla? Can she past all the trials that lie in wake for her? Can she save the world from all the demons?

The Magician’s Ruins has enough demon’s and monster’s battles that it will keep the adrenaline pumping so much so that you won’t want to put it down. You will want to race through it like there are demons hot on your tail to see what is happening next. The Magician’s Ruins is a very intense and enthralling read that will keep you hanging on for more.

Echo is a very strong person who is not afraid to step up and battle any monster or demon. But she does have a little problem with jealous issues and sometimes she is all about herself. Yeah she does have these tendencies but I thought about the way she was raised all alone with her mother and being home schooled. She never really had any kind of relationship with a guy before. She only had one friend, Layla and her mom. I think she is headed in the right direction she just maybe needs a little more time to grow and learn her own feelings and to find out who she truly is inside and know what kind of person she wants to be. I mean her main objective is to find her friend and save her.

If you like a world filled with demons and monsters with a lot of fighting then you are going to love The Magician’s Ruins. Pick up your copy today! But I would recommend that you start with the first book in the Echo series, The Spirit Seducer.

Nancy Allen (The Avid Reader), Goodreads


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