Love, Untangled: A Cinnamon Bay Romance

When Penelope Davis inherits the farm next to grumpy widower Carlo di Laurentis’s farm, neither one of them expect the connection—or alpaca fur—to weave them so tightly together.

Carlo loved his job as team lead at a fire station in California, but when his wife dies in a fire, he can’t handle the memories…or how he failed her. Her family apple orchard in tiny Cinnamon Bay, all the way across the country, seems like the perfect place to grieve—and do his best to keep her hard apple cider dream alive.

Penelope lived for those weeks with her grandmother in Cinnamon Bay. Pen’s lived a nomadic life of touring the country from one fair or convention to another, selling her fiber art creations. Yet, now, she’s the proud owner of a house, complete with a hot-mess-of-an-almost studio and her very own loom!, and a mischievous alpaca who loves to eat her grumpy neighbor’s prized apples.

First impressions aren’t always true, and as Carlo and Pen spend more time together, they come to realize they have much more in common than either expected. But can Pen’s optimism help Carlo heal from the shattering truths he uncovers? And will Alpaca Man destroy their first-ever cider press?

5-Star Review

This is one of my favorite setups for a romance: wounded, grumpy, almost-reclusive hero and a young, sweet, sunshiny optimist of a heroine. Carlo de Laurentiis has good reason for checking out of life after losing his firefighting career and his wife in one fell swoop. Now he’s trying to fulfill his late wife’s dream, living on a farm with an apple orchard and trying his hand at making apple cider.

Penelope Davis inherits the farm next door to Carlos from her grandmother and hopes to make a success of her fiber business. The alpaca rescue she picked up on the side of the road on her way to the farm is a good start for source materials, as long as Pen can steer clear of her conniving, dead-beat mother.

A quirky small town with three old ladies who have know everything and seem to be everywhere, wonderful secondary characters, surprising danger and drama, and the best darn alpaca character I’ve ever read are the underpinnings for this sweet, fun, entertaining romance. I flew through this breezy read, heartbroken for Carlo, cheering for Pen and charmed by her sidekick, Alpaca Man. This lighthearted, heartwarming story is the perfect palate cleanser between angsty and dark romances, so be sure to put this on your TBA. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

—BookAddict, Goodreads



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