Another Charge

Another Charge: A Wildcatters Hockey Series Book 1

He’s sexy as sin…

…and if someone doesn’t check me fast, I’m gonna fall for the single dad hockey coach.

I’d adored my last two charges with all of my heart, but they grew up and no longer needed me. Saying goodbye had hurt more than I could endure again, so I wasn’t keen to start over as a nanny anytime soon…

Until I met scared, angry Beatrix.

I had to help the little girl whose need for love is palpable. And her uncle Silas, who’s stepped up to dad? His sultry, pin-me-in-place eyes promised to fulfill all my dreams.

Silas knows nothing about children, thanks to his broken childhood, and even less about making a family or a home. He’s in way over his head.

That’s where I come in.

A fixer, they call it in hockey. I’m not sure I can fix what’s broken between them, and yet…

I yearn for the life we could share—that is, if taking a chance on the single dad doesn’t put my heart in the penalty box for good…

A steamy, angsty single dad sports romance from USA Today Bestseller Alexa Padgett.


In this book:
  • Cormac Bouchard — Another Shot
  • Maxim — The Next Big Hit
  • Stol
  • Cruz
  • Naese
With these characters:
  • Another Shot
  • The Next Big Hit

5-Star Review
Gah! This One Is Sooo Amazing!

Recently, I’ve read hockey romances and nanny romances, but this talented wordsmith brings them both together in a story of three lost souls, finding in each other something they never realized they needed but knew they couldn’t live without.

NFL coach, Silas Whittaker, becomes an instant father in the space of one phone call. His estranged sister has died and made Silas the guardian of his eight-year-old niece, Beatrix. Last Silas knew, his sister was living a carefree, irresponsible life, and he didn’t even know she had a child. He has no idea what he’s getting into when he goes to pick up Beatrix, but he certainly didn’t expect an angry, volatile child he has no idea how to reach.

Paloma Concord has been a nanny all of her adult life. Her charges are now grown and Paloma is adrift. She knows she’ll need to find another job if she’s going to continue to pay for her mother’s room and services at the memory care facility. But she’s not sure she’s ready to be a nanny again, only to have her heart broken when another child grows up and leaves her life.

This truly gifted storyteller always delivers a wonderful, heartfelt read, but, oh my heart! She’s outdone herself with this one. Beatrix broke my heart, I couldn’t help but empathize with Silas, and Paloma’s fears felt every bit as real as my own. I was completely invested in this one early on, and this story made my heart feel like it was floating on air. Sure, there is some angst, but it’s the authentic kind that exposes the characters vulnerabilities and only serves to endear them more to the reader.

Charming and humorous but poignant and touching, I think this may be Padgett’s best work to date. And that’s really remarkable, because I thought no one would ever displace Camden Grace (“Deep in the Heart”) and his place in my heart. This story comes so close, it’s difficult to see a clear winner. Exquisite, profound and masterfully written, this will be one of your very top romance reads this year, so run to the 1-Click and start reading it today!

—BookAddict, Amazon


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