Sweet Oblivion: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance (Oblivion Series Book 1)

Rock-n-roll is hell on relationships. Especially his.

Aya Aldringham has it all, but wealth can’t make her father love her or give her more time with her dying grandfather. Nor can it stop her from yearning for Nash Porter—the boy she never forgot. The boy who saved her.

Nash doesn’t do relationships, not after watching his parents use each other’s feelings as weapons. When he finds Aya again, after so many years, he can’t help but get close—really close—like in her bed and in her arms.

He can’t keep her though. There’s a seduction in falling in love, but it’s a lie. The truth is in the sold-out crowds who chant his name every night he’s on stage.

So why does Nash only want Aya?

★★★★★ “I love this series” –Samantha, Goodreads Review

★★★★★ “My favorite story of this year” –Kate, Goodreads Review

SWEET OBLIVION is book 1 in the angsty bestselling rockstar romance series OBLIVION. Start reading now—and fall in beat with Nash and Aya’s heart-stealing romance!

In this book:
  • Camden — Deep in the Heart of Texas
  • Jenna — Deep in the Heart of Texas
  • Mama Grace (Jasmine) — Full or Grace
  • Steve — Full of Grace
With these characters:
  • Full of Grace
  • Craving Oblivion
  • Sultry Oblivion
  • Forever Oblivion

5-Star Review

Nash Porter has grown up surrounded by beauty, fame, wealth, and very little love. Aya has grown up in the wilds of the planet with her mother community building in forgotten places. A chance encounter as children left a lasting impression on them both. Through the private school Nash attends he is introduced to Aya again as a pen pal. With Aya he finds the treachery of negotiating a high school where everyone wants a part of him is gone. Nash can be himself. They lay the foundation of friendship, and build on that when Aya comes to his school finally. First loves are never easy, especially negotiating the swift currents of high school and rising fame. Their challenges are big, is their love bigger?

Not just a teen love story, but the first part of a series exploring Nash and Aya and the prices of wealth and fame. This book crafts a solid tale of kids who have to grow up too fast, who live without love and truth from the very people who should protect them. This is a fast paced book with all of the gut punching emotion Alexa Padgett is a master at writing into her work. A different look at children of wealth and privilege that shows the people with hearts looking to love and be loved. Can’t wait to read the rest of Nash and Aya’s story.

—William Sims, Goodreads



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