Trail of Secrets (Standalone)

From USA Today Best-Selling Author Alexa Padgett comes a tale of second chances and a love that can conquer their pasts. 

While Isobel struggles to atone for her past mistakes, Alec wants to forget his… 

He left behind the only woman he’d ever wanted—let alone loved—to become more than his father’s pawn. Now, he’s back stateside after a harrowing experience in the Army, and this helo pilot doesn’t want anything to do with psychotherapy…until he finds out his counselor is Isobel, the girl-turned-woman of his dreams.

Thanks to her big dreams, her family lost their restaurant and their home. Now, Isobel has another chance—one helping soldiers with PTSD on a ranch deep in the Utah mountains. That’s the last place she expected to find her former high school crush. The passion she felt for the boy sears her for the man. Getting too close is a professional taboo, but letting Alec go now could break her heart and his mind… 

Trail of Secrets take readers on an emotional, sexy journey of a hot man and his feisty woman who are transformed by courage, self-sacrifice, and love.

5-Star Review

It was a pleasure to spend my Sunday immersed in the lives of Alec, Isobel and their families and friends. Alec is staying at a ranch-style, psych treatment facility/ recovery center that primarily serves PTSD military retirees.

Once he arrives, he discovers he knows several employees there from his neighborhood when he was in HS. What a delightful treat to discover his HS girlfriend is one of them.

As was the case in HS though, there are lots of barriers to getting time with her. To make matters worse, she is a therapist assigned to his case so there’s a no fraternization
policy preventing them from, ah, fraternizing. And maybe you believe the Easter Bunny can fly.

There are about a half dozen sub plots running in the background as we wait for a break away moment for some progress in the fraternization theme. Wow, could there be a second romance brewing?

There is definitely some ill-will brewing to counter any fun. It appears that almost everyone needs to take cover at the ranch because danger is everywhere. Most of the danger is associated with one family member. In spite of public appearances, even the highest and holiest in some churches can be rotten to the core. In a day when the Catholic church is getting way too much attention for dirty-deeds leaders, this book spotlights a dishonorable leader from the religious group best known for its roots in Utah.

If you’re unfamiliar with the LDS church you’re going to miss out on some of the impact the author intended. She did a good job mixing that in.

This is easily a five star book.

—Sandass, Goodreads



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