Wow! I really enjoyed read this book! I thought the storyline was great, the characters worked well together and that the author did an overall fantastic job writing it!

The Toxic Coconuts Book Review, Bookbub

Love conquers all! Paloma promised herself she would never nanny again after the heartbreak of losing her two boys to adulthood. But when opportunity comes knocking on her door, how can she say no to the sweetest little girl who’s world has been rocked in a life changing way. Doesn’t hurt that her Uncle is hot stuff but she can’t mix business with pleasure, can she? Great story and start to a new series!

Mary, Bookbub

Wow, I’ve not had the pleasure of reading any of Alexa Padgett's books before, but that will be likely not continue much longer. This was a great hockey book with some hockey in it. Many are “hockey books,” but this one actually spoke of the games and travel and the CATS (WAGS in other books). Cormac and Keelie what a great pair. They certainly had some issues with trust, much more on Keelie’s side which as you learn is completely understandable. Cormac had to grow into the man he would become and learn to understand sometimes love has a bunch of bumps and sometimes you just must fight through them to get to the woman you love and want to spend your life with. And sometimes she doesn’t make that easy. But give him credit he fought a tough fight and got exactly what he deserved. Great book.

Hartwira, Bookbub

It seems like the YA genre has exploded in the last ten years or so. Sadly, many books in this category seem to have been thrown together, aren’t well written, featuring recycled stories. Not so with the Spirit Seducer. Native American mythology serves as a backdrop for romance, fantasy, mystery, and plenty of action. (Swords, anyone?) What this book really is, though, is fun–think a kind of lighter Christopher Moore for YA. Plus, it’s pretty easy to relate to Echo (the narrator) coming to terms with who she really is. (As young adults, don’t we all go through such a thing?)

Meribeth (Goodreads)

I have never read anything by Alexa Padgett before, this was OMG fantastic. Cormac Bouchard a well respected hockey player, and meets Keelie Hayes an occupational therapist; the sparks fly. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but their love is strong; but is it everlasting? You need to read this to find out! A MUST READ!!

mhejmanows, Bookbub

I LOVE this book! The story captivated me from the beginning and the characters are told in a way that is very relatable. One of my favourite things about this book is every page makes you want to read the next! It's beautifully written and I can't wait for what Alexa Padgett comes up with next!

Clairej27101, Bookbub

This story was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Both characters had been broken by previous relationships but are able to find their way to healing, trusting and loving again. Highly recommend!

dorazi, Bookbub

A sweet, heartfelt, messy, emotional story I just finished this book, Five stars all the way! Written with sensitivity, raw emotion, depth, and realism. Life is messy, and emotions are real — I think the author captured that in this book.... where bad things happen to good people, and the fallout/regrets haunt. Pain and fear, and learning to cope with PTSD/panic situations. It changes everything, but both Cam and Jenna find a way together, amidst their pain. Both strong, both very talented/renowned in their fields. Jenna is a good person - sassy, feisty, and independent - but choices she’s made in her past have had painful consequences and a manipulator from her past is out to hurt her. Cam is deeply scarred too, from a really messy relationship, and from his military service, and a family secret that comes to light. Their story evolves with staggering events and surprises and ends with a beautiful HEA. Loved it!

P, Goodreads

So, I am quite sleepy today and I’m going to blame you. I was ready for bed by about 10:30 last night. Had to calm the baby from about 10:30-11, but then thought, “I’ll start on Alexa’s new book to re-settle myself for bed…” An HOUR later I had to tear myself away from it so I’d get a little sleep! Kudos on a riveting story!

Julie (Facebook messenger)

This book was in my kindle recommendations on amazon after reading the synopsis i decided to give it a try and I’m glad i did. This was a very good read. This book is about a young woman name Echo, who was sheltered all of her life by her mother. On her birthday, Echo finds out that her mother has been keeping many secrets about who they are. This story is entertaining from beginning to end and it does not disappoint. I like that this book is about gods and demigods but not the greek gods you would be used to. I cant wait to read the next book to see what happens next.

Arie (Goodreads)

shoves me out of bed in order to capture my thoughts. Never, in the hundreds of books I’ve reviewed, have I ever had a Camden Grace whisper to me, “You have to make readers understand that Jenna has been knocked down dozens of times but she still gets back up – Every. Single. Time,” or a Jenna Olsen insist, “They need to know how indomitable, courageous and strong Cam is, and how he was willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING when he stood up for me to pretty much the entire world!” These two characters have burrowed deep down inside me, sharing their tragedies and heartbreak but leaving me with their bravery, tenacity and grace. I'm not sure I've ever seen two characters walk through the refining fire and emerge with the beauty, caliber and magnificence of Cam and Jenna.

BookAddict, Goodreads