Broken Rose of Texas

Broken Rose of Texas (An Austin After Dark Book Book 2)

A sexy billionaire. A salacious offer. An all-consuming desire. This girl isn’t interested…except she really is.

Billionaire entrepreneur Carter has planned for ten long years to get back at his ex-best friend and ex-girlfriend. The insidious betrayal keeps him focused until he meets Regan. She arouses something far more than desire.

Her sultry charm challenges his desire to correct his past. Now, instead of focusing on his plan, just as it comes to fruition, she offers him a different path—one he’s not ready to take…

How far will he go before there’s no turning back?

Readers of Natasha Madison and Jane Diamond will love this steamy contemporary romance that tests just how far you’ll go before there’s no turning back…

One-click today to see what happens when Carter loses his heart to Regan just a little too late.

In this book:
  • Jenna — Deep in the Heart
  • Camden — Deep in the Heart
  • Kate — Austin by Morning
  • Mama Grace (Jasmine) — Full of Grace
With these characters:
  • Deep in the Heart
  • Austin by Morning

5-Star Review

When I read the first book in the series, Deep in the Heart, I didn’t know much about Austin and its music “scene”. It tells the story of Camden Grace and Jenna Olsen, two broken souls who have music and the Austin vibe bringing them together. A little bit of sorrow, a little bit of danger—a great book with characters who endear you to what they hope to achieve together.

In the second book of the series, Broken Rose of Texas we meet Carter, Cam’s brother. We get glimpses of him prior and now we see what he can do. A wealthy software developer, he is a riding high on his achievements but wounded and jaded in his personal life. Previously involved with Deanna, she is a manipulator who will stop at nothing to come out on top. He still has trust issues which are evident in his relationship with Regan.

Regan is a pop star who has been manipulated by her father and her label and staff. She isn’t sure who to trust but meets Carter in a club and decides to be a free spirit for the evening. Luckily Carter has some ethics and between their verbal sparring and mutual vulnerability they hit it off. Scrabble takes on a whole new meaning Where manipulation was their undoing prior to their meeting, trust is the issue moving forward.

I don’t want to give away too much, however I will mention there are two key villains, one sketchy close friend, one fiend who was also sold a bill of goods. We have the fans, the family and the couple who just keep trying to get it right. The difference with this book vs. others of a similar genre is that Alexa knows how to put together characters who have strength and integrity. You feel for them. You understand what provokes and entices them the musical art of Austin comes through.

I highly recommend this book, and think you’ll be happy with the series. 5 stars!

—A.B., Goodreads



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