Deep in the Heart

Deep in the Heart (An Austin After Dark Book Book 1)

A wounded military veteran, a talented guitar maker hiding from her past, and a love that can soothe their hurts…

Camden Grace thought realizing his dream of country music stardom would chase away the ghosts of the past. He’s focused on his career — but he can’t help falling for guitar-maker phenom Jenna. Their explosive chemistry creates a magic that rivals the music until Jenna’s dangerous ex reappears to play a reckless game. They’ll have to fight for each other or lose everything

Don’t miss the chance to lose your heart to Jenna and Cam in this sexy saga of hope and love from a USA Today bestselling author. Start reading DEEP IN THE HEART!

In this book:
  • Asher — Sweet Solace
  • Abbi — Many Sounds of Silence
  • Clay — Many Sounds of Silence
  • Kai — From the First
  • Evie — From the First
  • Kate — Austin by Morning
  • Mama Grace (Jasmine) — Full of Grace
  • Carter — Broken Rose of Texas
With these characters:
  • Many Sounds of Silence
  • Broken Rose of Texas
  • Austin by Morning
  • Full of Grace
  • Sweet Oblivion
  • Craving Oblivion
  • Sultry Oblivion
  • Forever Oblivion

5-Star Review
“I Loved Her: With All My Heart and Every Bit of My Broken Piecemeal Soul.”

It’s not often that a book I’ve finished reading wakes me in the middle of the night, and its even more rare that one shoves me out of bed in order to capture my thoughts. Never, in the hundreds of books I’ve reviewed, have I ever had a Camden Grace whisper to me, “You have to make readers understand that Jenna has been knocked down dozens of times but she still gets back up – Every. Single. Time,” or a Jenna Olsen insist, “They need to know how indomitable, courageous and strong Cam is, and how he was willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING when he stood up for me to pretty much the entire world!” These two characters have burrowed deep down inside me, sharing their tragedies and heartbreak but leaving me with their bravery, tenacity and grace. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two characters walk through the refining fire and emerge with the beauty, caliber and magnificence of Cam and Jenna.

Padgett is one of the authors who won me over to rock star romance, and I realize these books may not be for every reader, but I can’t wait to get them in my greedy little hands as soon as possible. This book packs an emotional punch with raw authenticity and jaggedly broken characters, with all of their demons, trials and struggles conspicuously on display. Jenna and Cam are incredibly realistic and will resonate deeply with any reader who has ever gone through a dark period in her own life. The other side of the coin, however, is the magnificent, resilient thread of hope woven among the human imperfections and regrettable mistakes, and watching these characters overcome and fight for themselves as well as their happily ever after is truly awe inspiring.

We first met Jenna Olsen in Kai and Evie’s story, “From the First,” so I was definitely eager to read this book. Jenna has had more than her share of trouble, being tried in the court of public opinion by people who believed nothing more than rumors. Understandably, it has left her heart battered and her psyche bruised, and she wants only to hide away in her grandfather’s shop and spend her solitude hand crafting one-of-a-kind guitars. When army veteran and country music sensation, Camden Grace, commissions her to build a guitar there are definite sparks between the two of them. But Cam has his own platoon of ghosts that still haunt him.

It’s an inevitability that bringing together two damaged people will result in all kinds of fireworks. Cam and Jenna both have a ton of stuff from their pasts that they’re still working through. Add to that having to figure out how to deal with their attraction and feelings for each other, as well as some really crazy external conflicts, and this book had my eyes and heart riveted to the page. They deal with some pretty harsh realities, and I recommend picking this one up when you’re in a good frame of mind so you’ll more fully appreciate the positive, triumphant, uplifting aspects that ultimately result from Cam and Jenna’s trials and challenges.

These two may well be my favorite characters from this author, and they’ve definitely secured a place deep in my heart in what is easily one of the very best books I’ve read this year. Just as there is no light without the dark, Cam and Jenna are all the more powerful, compelling and inspiring for all they’ve endured, survived and conquered. If you’re looking for a book that grabs you by the heart, takes you on a poignantly tender, deeply emotional, unabashedly authentic ride and leaves you with the best kind of book hangover, you absolutely must read Jenna and Cam’s story!

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