Striker’s Waltz is HERE!!!

I’m excited to share my latest novel with you! My editor says Teo Cruz is the hottest hero yet–let me know if you agree. 

Take a chance

Preslee Jennings hasn’t felt safe enough to date in six years. But when she’s shoved into working with Matteo Cruz, soccer star and international sex symbol, she can’t deny her attraction. Teo is driven, patient, kind—and his butt is on seventy-foot billboards. Maybe she can risk trusting again, if only for one night…

Take a breath

Battling an injury that could end his career, Teo Cruz has one chance left to chase the victory he’s sought since he was twelve. He can’t afford to be distracted by a fling. Especially not with pretty, talented Preslee, with her watchful eyes and sudden laugh. He can guess she’s been hurt before. But the more he sees her, the harder it is to stay away…

Take it all

With Teo reaching for glory, and Preslee almost free of her terrifying past, a relationship could cost them everything they’ve worked for. But the need growing between them can’t be ignored. And if they can handle the pressure, there’s no telling what they could win…





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