Another Face-off: A Wildcatters Hockey Series Book 5

In the thrilling world of professional hockey, where passion burns both on and off the ice, NHL winger Paxton Naese is a force to be reckoned with.

As talented as he is ruggedly handsome, he’s used to turning heads and breaking hearts. But there’s one heart he shattered—his own—when he broke off his long-term relationship with his ex-girlfriend Hana.

Three years ago, Naese and Hana were inseparable, lost in a love that sizzled hotter than the game they both adored. But when the pressures of his career and his insecurities drove them apart, Hana was left with a trail of dreams he shattered…and a secret too painful to bear.

In this steamy new adult hockey romance, Naese and Hana must confront their past, their desires, and the undeniable connection that’s never faded. Will they overcome the obstacles in their path and find a way back to each other’s arms? Or will the scars of yesterday prove too deep to heal, leaving them forever longing for the warmth of a love they once knew? One thing’s for sure: in this time of love and redemption, winning might just mean losing your heart.

In this book:
  • Coach Silas Whittaker — Another Charge
  • Paloma — Another Charge
  • Cormac — Another Shot
  • Keelie — Another Shot
  • Stol
  • Naese
  • Cruz
With these characters:
  • Another Shot
  • Another Charge

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