Another Powerplay: A Wildcatters Hockey Series Book 6

In the adrenaline-fueled world of professional hockey, Lennon Cruz is more than a defenseman—he’s a fortress of ice and secrets. His heart, encased in layers of pain, remains off-limits. But the game changes when destiny sends him crashing into Vivian Lee, a brilliant AI expert with a soft spot for dogs.

Haunted by a shared tragedy, Cruz and Vivian find refuge in each other. The specters of lost loved ones linger, casting shadows over their lives. Guilt and redemption bind them, skating a delicate line between healing and love.

Cruz champions reconnecting service dogs with their military handlers—a cause close to his scarred heart. Vivian fled Houston, leaving behind shattered memories, but she returned to help Cruz in his mission. Their collaboration sparks more than passion—it ignites a slow-burning flame. Their shared love for these loyal companions weaves an unbreakable bond as they work side by side. But buried secrets threaten their fragile chance at happiness.

Can Cruz and Vivian overcome their haunted pasts? Will love mend their shattered hearts and build a future? In a game where victory isn’t measured by goals alone, they’ll discover that sometimes the most significant win lies in opening up to love.

In this book:
  • Coach Silas Whittaker — Another Charge
  • Paloma — Another Charge
  • Cormac — Another Shot
  • Keelie — Another Shot
  • Stol
  • Naese
  • Cruz
With these characters:
  • Another Shot
  • Another Charge

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