Seattle Sound Series Books 1-3

Seattle Sound Series, The Collection: Books 1-3

With nearly 1,000 Goodreads reviews. From USA Today Bestseller Alexa Padgett:
Three novels of magnetic, bad-boy rockers who rule the Pacific Northwest’s indie music scene–and the fierce loves that soothe their hurts…

In SWEET SOLACE, Asher Smith has never forgotten the woman who inspired his first hit song. But widowed writer Dahlia Dorsey has given up on happy endings. Until a moonlit beach and the touch of an old friend awakens her to pain and desire, whether she’s ready or not.

In BETWEEN BREATHS, Australia’s hottest musical innovator, Hayden Crewe, can’t go anywhere without attracting a mob. But watching his estranged mother die in a Seattle hospice center, he’s never felt more alone. Until he meets long-legged, clear-minded Briar Moore, and suddenly knows exactly what will fill the hole inside.

In HOLD YOU CLOSE, Murphy Etsam’s rise to stardom has come on the back of a breakup song composed of pure fury. But one glimpse of lovely, maddening Mila Trask in the crowd and Murphy knows a year of drowning his sorrows hasn’t washed away a molecule of passion. Too bad Mila’s stalker picks that moment to attack.

In this book:
  • Murphy “Ets” Etsam — Hold You Close
  • Jake Etsam — A Moonlight Serenade
  • Kai — From the First
  • Jenna — Deep in the Heart
With these characters:
  • Many Sounds of Silence
  • When We Fell Down
  • Striker’s Waltz
  • Hold You Close
  • From the First
  • A Midnight Dance
  • Deep in the Heart
  • Moonshine Eyes

5-Star Review
Be ready for a rollercoaster romance with their pasts

What. A. Story.
Emotional for both Asher and Dehlia,Lia, and for their children. Liam is still having panic attacks after three years or being a widow but many more years of being a loving parent to her daughter and a push over from her high school sweetheart and rock star husband. He hurt her in many ways.
Asher is dealing with a b!tch of a soon to be ex wife, she wants want she wants no matter the consequences, like take all his money in the future in exchange for his son, and much more crap she’ll spew towards him and whoever else is on his side. The highlights in his life fish’s only surviving son, his only love he walked away from when he was 20 something while she was 17 and with another, soon to be reacquainted again after 20 years and her teenage daughter.

Things will get heated but before they have to feel for what they lost in their lives. Told in both p.o.v. and has a Happy for now, but I think their relationship will grow while in the other books in this series as a behind the scenes.

—Lenna WB, Amazon



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